In this project, I had to create "symbols" to represent an ecosystem of our choice and present them in an interactive form. My ecosystem was Hawaii and I wanted to focus on the culture and the people specifically. To narrow down the topic, I looked into doing Hawaiian foods because of the culture that food can represent and specifically the history behind them.
I used: Illustrator | Cardstock | Needle & Thread
I landed on the idea of doing postcards because I used to collect them when I lived in Hawaii and I wanted to make a book to hold the cards in. I created seven different illustrations of Hawaiian foods and put each of them on its own postcard. For the book, I did a French bind so that the postcards could be held in the pockets of each page. The pages have a window that exposes the illustrations on the postcards, which was done using a laser cutter. On the left side of each spread, there is a small summary of the food and culture that are relevant to Hawaii.
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